Established 1971
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It is difficult to think of any home that can do cooking without NIVAZ Mustard oil. Why?

The Third National Convention on 'Health and Dietary Aspects of mustard oil' organized by Mustard Research Promotion Consortium (MRPC) in Kolkata and represented by renowned personalities from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad and Hamdard University, New Delhi gave enough evidence of mustard oil to be a healthy and nutritive cooking medium which is safe for heart and other coronary related heart diseases.

Researches done by scientists have shown that mustard oil fights against the formation of cancer cells and this property is not possessed by any other oil.

M/s Eastern Agro Processing And Tea Warehousing Co-operative Society Ltd. (A State level Co-operative Society) with social commitments packs high quality mustard oil in the brand name NIVAZ under the strict quality control in its own AGMARK approved Laboratory well equipped with sophisticated instruments and specially Trained Chemist.

The Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Government of India allows the use of AGMARK symbol only to those Agricultural products which confirm to high standard ensuring consumer protection.
This authority has allowed AGMARK symbol to NIVAZ.

  • A trusted brand of quality mustard oil.
  • A symbol of purity with wholesome taste.
  • Ensures health of your family.

Nivaz Tea
India's best teas are produced in Assam. Ideal agro-climatic and soil conditions make teas here vigorous, vibrant in colour and highly flavourful. Eastern Agro Processing and Tea Warehousing Co-Op Society Ltd packs high quality CTC Assam tea in the brand name NIVAZ from July 2016.

Soya Refined Oil
The Soya Refined Oil Packaging unit with brand name NIVAZ was installed in the year 2018 for best quality Refined Oil.