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Dr. Birendra Kumar Das
Mr. Prafulla Baishya
Mr. Apurba Kumar Sarma
Mr. Nagendra Nath Barman
Mr. Rohini Kumar Das
Mrs. Queen Sarma
Mr. Ghanashyam Deka
Mr. Harendra Nath Haloi
Mr. Prasanta Kumar Das
Mr. Madhab Ch. Baishya
Dr. Pankaj Ch. Baishya
Mr. Jayanta Sarma
Mrs. Babita Choudhury Baishya
Mr. Rohit Deorah
Mrs. Meghali Das Baishya
Mr. Dinesh Ch. Baishya

Assam Udyog Ratna Award 2009
Awarded By :
North Eastern Small Scale
Industries Association (NESSIA)

Date : 11th Feb, 2010

Sahakar Bharati Award 2010
Awarded By :
Sahakarita Bibhag

Date : 16th To 20th April, 2010
Agro Processing Award 2016-17
Awarded By :
Cooperation Department
Govt. Of Assam

Date : 31st August, 2017

Why ??
Nivaz Mustard Oil

The third National Convention on "Health and Dietary Aspects of Mustard Oil" organized by Mustard Research Promotion Consortium (MRPC) in Kolkata and represented by renowned personalities from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, National Institude of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad and Hamdard University, New Delhi, gave enough evidence of mustard oil to be a healthy and nutritive cooking medium which is safe for heart and other coronary related heart diseases.

Researches done by scientists have shown that mustard oil fights against the formation of cancer cells and this property is not possessed by any other oil.

Why ??
Nivaz Brand of Tea

India’s best teas are produced in Assam. Ideal agro-climatic and soil conditions make teas here vigorous, vibrant in colour and highly flavourful. Eastern Agro Processing and Tea Warehousing Co-Op Society Ltd packs high quality CTC Assam tea in the brand name NIVAZ from july 2016.

CTC tea actually refers to a method of processing black tea. Named for the process...

All About Us

Eastern Agro Processing And Tea Warehousing Co-operative Society Ltd is managed strictly in accordance with the byelaws of the society prepared under the Assam Co-operative Societies Act and Rules. The day-to-day affairs of the society are being managed by a whole time secretary under the control and guidance of the Board of Directors elected in the Annual general meeting of the shareholders. The Board of directors constituted of educated and experienced persons numbering fifteen (15) including The Chairman, The Vice Chairman and The Secretary. There are numbers of sub-committees to monitor the functioning of the different areas of activities and to evaluate their progress most systematically. The management of the society keeping in view the social needs and requirements and in accordance with the provision of the Byelaws of the society .The general Assembly is very judicious in selecting the plan and programmes that are to be executed.

The Mustard oil packaging unit with brand name NIVAZ was installed in the year 1995 with the idea of providing unadulterated KACHIGHANI mustard oil to the consumers of the state at the most reasonable price .It is the firm decision and policy of the society to make available to the consumers only Grade-I mustard oil bearing AGMARK. .

A tea packaging unit with brand name NIVAZ has been installed in the year 2016 for providing best quality Assam Tea to the consumers of the state.

The society is rendering services to the Guwahati Tea auction Centre by storing teas meant for sale in the said centre. Services are also being rendered to about 100 f irm/individuals by providing accommodation for carrying their business in the society’s marketing complex Building and storage Godowns.

The management of the society has been trying to spread the Co-operative Education and it keeps a separate Fund for Co-operative development while distributing its profit.

: Objectives :
Of The Society

The object of the society shall be to do all things necessary to bring about socio-economic development of the economically backward section of people and in particular.
  • to warehouse teas received from gardens,tea traders,tea manufacturers and others relating to tea business.
  • to construct warehouse/storage godowns, to hire warehouse/storage godowns, to collect deposits for acquiring immovable/movable properties like transport, land etc.
  • to construct roads, building for the business of the society.
  • to warehouse, transport buy and sale, blend or manufacture other products from teas.
  • to provide research and development facilities for storage and blending of teas.
  • to purchase/acquire godowns, motor vehicles,l and and to open marketing centres and transport goods.
  • to act as agent of tea Growers, buyers and sellers.
  • to organize information/ Bureau of experts and manage to guide scientific storage, and blending by giving required technical advice.
  • to manage, develop and organize transport and storage of teas.
  • to open branches of the society, selling centre at any places considering the financial aspect of the society.
  • to take up any business for the development of the society.
  • to own, run, take on lease or hire and to manage industries ,engaged in manufacturing,production and processing of teas and other essential commodities.